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Soulful Seeds operates a range of special projects that allow the team to advance the mission and strategic plan of the organization. 

Intergenerational Gardening & Storytelling

During the 2024 growing season, Soulful Seeds will pilot an evidence-based gardening and storytelling program for older neighbors to address social isolation and loneliness. Through the program, we will actively engage our isolated neighbors in growing food, sharing their life stories, and documenting their legacy throughout the gardens all with the goal of creating a more inviting space for our older neighbors to participate in the gardens with us.

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Urban Orchard Project

With support from the USDA, Soulful Seeds is setting out to plant 100 fruiting trees per year from 2024- 2028 in neighborhoods disproportionately impacted by food insecurity and climate change. The orchards will help to combat the effect of heat islands while the produce and related maintenance allow us to advance our mission.


Food Insecurity Coalition

Soulful Seeds founded the Food Insecurity Coalition in collaboration with other community agencies during the COVID pandemic in response to rapidly rising food insecurity. The coalition is now led by the Desert Farming Initiative. Organizations addressing food insecurity continue to participate on the coalition with the goal of pooling resources and streamlining services to best meet the needs of the community members we serve. 

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