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Soulful Seeds is registered as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. We accept donations in any amount as well as in-kind support and business sponsorships. All donations are acknowledged and donors receive a charitable tax receipt at year end.

We continue to serve the community only through the generosity of individual and business donors. Please consider including a donation to Soulful Seeds in your giving plans this year. You will have an immediate impact on food security in our community. You can give with confidence, knowing that Soulful Seeds is committed to using your investment wisely. See our accountability page for more information.

In-Kind Service Needs

  • Irrigation

  • Vehicle & Skid Steer Maintenance

  • Muralist

  • Solar generator

In-Kind Supply Needs

  • Garden tools

  • Garden gloves

  • Hoses, hose nozzles

  • T-posts

  • Seedlings

  • Volunteer lunches

Shop at the Great Basin Community Food Co-op and round up your total. Proceeds benefit Soulful Seeds every other month!

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