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To our community,

We are so grateful for the Northern Nevada community. The community supports us to grow hope, improve food security, and build a better community.

Soulful Seeds is our legacy. If you are not familiar with our background, Earstin is one of fourteen children born to sharecroppers in Arkansas and is a direct example of how something as simple as growing your own food can change a person’s life. It gives a person purpose, meaning, confidence, and skills that are used in every area of living. Soulful Seeds is our vision for sharing the opportunities that changed his life with the place we call home.

Soulful Seeds began as a small garden project on the Saint Mary’s hospital campus. We had a dream of building a community space that would feed neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

We’ve evolved since our founding and now do significantly more than just grow food. We’ve expanded to deliver food access, education, and workforce development programs. Our gardens are a gathering space for building community, developing new skills, and producing something beneficial for people working to improve their life circumstances.

We sincerely believe that we can grow a better future for ourselves, our neighbors, and our community. To us, every garden is an opportunity for a better future. Thank you for supporting this vision.


Warm Regards,

Earstin and Dee Whitten

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