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Our Programs

Food Access

People can't focus on overcoming larger systemic barriers if their immediate needs are not met. Together with garden neighbors and community volunteers, we foster a hyper-local food system by growing food directly in neighborhood gardens. That food is then distributed to garden neighbors through weekly deliveries and/or free markets. Any surplus food is distributed to pantry partners across the community. Our food access program is a free service and we don't charge for food ever.

We know that food handouts will never resolve food insecurity. That's why our other programs focus on building a more resilient community and support garden neighbors to live more vibrant and independent lives.


We provide educational workshops so people know how to use what they have grown and harvested and to reduce waste. Workshop topics include gardening, nutrition, cooking, and preserving. We work with community experts who volunteer their time to share their expertise with community members in need. Gardening workshops are conducted at all garden sites and are open to the public; however, priority is given to garden neighbors. Nutrition and cooking workshops are provided on the Our Place Campus and are currently only available to campus residents.

We also collaborate with other community agencies to provide educational programs that are neighborhood-specific such as garden therapy on the Our Place Campus.

Workforce Development

Our workforce development program addresses the root causes of food security related to poverty. Our work force development programming provides neighbors with opportunities to maintain involvement with our garden community and build skills that will allow them to gain qualifications to get into higher paying jobs.


Workforce development programs include same-day-work-and-pay opportunities for underemployed neighbors, certified apprenticeship programs, and soft skills development opportunities. All workforce development program participants have access to certifications such as CPR First Aid and education such as personal finance.

Green Waste

We partner with neighboring businesses to recycle their green waste into compost that creates a sustainable solution for maintaining our soil. Corporate partners include the Grand Sierra Resort, Great Basin Community Food Co-op, Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services Campus, and Saint Mary's Hospital Network.

2023-09-27 Soulful Seeds-499_SOC_WB.jpg

Delivery of fresh produce to a local pantry.

Top: Standard line of cars at the Community Pantry in Sparks. Soulful Seeds is one of the few providers of fresh food.

Left: Garlic class at the garden at Saint Mary's.

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