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Gardens & Orchards

Soulful Seeds operates multiple USDA Certified People's Gardens across the community. With support from our small staff, garden neighbors work together with public volunteers to maintain these gardens and orchards. Everything we grow at the gardens is reinvested back into the community for free. 

Garden at Saint Mary's Hospital

The garden at Saint Mary's is a 1,000 square foot garden comprised of raised beds. The garden was taken over by Soulful Seeds in 2017. Each year we produce over 1,000 pounds of produce from the garden's raised beds and distribute the produce to local neighbors and community pantries.

Garden at Our Place

The garden at Our Place is a 3-acre urban garden located on the Our Place Transitional Housing Campus serving unhoused women and children. The garden includes 32 raised beds, 5,400 square feet of covered growing space, an orchard, and 1-acre crop field. 

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